About Bharatnatyam

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About Bharatnatyam

Believed to have originated from the Gods, dance encompasses the physical, mental and spiritual planes. True to this claim, Bharatnatyam, which is literally a combination of Bhavam, Ragam and Talam inculcates elements of drama, exercise, music, sculpture, prayer and meditation. Revered and worshipped as sculpture on the walls of some of the world’s oldest temples, Bharatnatyam is an age old and time honoured means not just of entertainment but of a spiritual communion with God.


One of the most popular classical dance styles of India, Bharatnatyam has evolved from its primitive Terikootu form to the sophisticated avatar of today. A student of Bharatnatyam starts her training with basic steps called Adavus. Thereafter, she trains in items from the Margam such as Alarippu, Jathiswaram, etc. She achieves her first milestone when she performs her Arangetram. This is followed by a more specialised training and a comprehensive coaching in Bharatnatyam’s allied fields such as choreography, makeup, nattuvangam, compering, etc.
As in any other art, a sadhaka can dedicate his or her entire life to Bharatnatyam and can still only claim to get a glimpse of the greatness and divinity of this art of the Gods.
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